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Energy Oil C.P

Meet our company

Energy Oil was founded in 1984 and is active in the import and marketing of lubricants, chemicals, anti-freeze, greases, batteries and wipers in Greece and selected countries of Europe.

It is located in Mpafra in the region of Ioannina and is one of the most important and pioneering companies in the market of lubricants.

The company is the exclusive importer of the Belgian lubricant cp-oil in Greece and in Balkans, and it also has collaborations with other companies like: Total, Elf, Castrol, TAB, ARCT, Laast and Brenntag.

cp-oil Lubricants
cp-oil Lubricants
cp-oil Lubricants
cp-oil Lubricants

By Energy Oil are owned facilities, in Mpafra-Ioannina of 11000 square meters and fleet of eight vehicles. Additionally, the company is stuffed by experienced persons with professionalism and technical training.

All the above, in combination with the large consignment of products in its facilities, enable Energy Oil to be dynamic and top choice for its partners, as it covers all their fundamental needs.

The company's goal is, through its reliable and competitive products, the quality of service and technical support, to build a network of partners based on the reliability, the confidence and the environmental responsibility that will make Energy Oil top and innovative company in the market of lubricants.